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BRIAN & NICK Concierge Bridal Services

Selecting and purchasing a diamond involves many variables and can be an overwhelming experience.  BRIAN & NICK have a three step approach to ensure your diamond purchasing process is educated, stress-free and well-informed.

Step One: You will have an initial consultation with Brianna, our CEO and Head G.I.A. Certified Graduate Gemologist.  This is where we will discuss the overall budget, goals, and the general style of your significant other.  This can be done in person or over the phone.

Step Two: Brianna then utilizes BRIAN & NICK's network of private wholesale diamond vendors and sifts through dozens of stones to present to you a curated collection of stone options within your budget, shape and style preferences.  During our second meeting, Brianna will make objective recommendations and walk you through the differences in stone quality compared to pricing and finalize the design of your custom setting.

Step Three: Brianna presents to you your selected diamond in a setting that is customized by you and handcrafted by our bench jeweler in NYC who's production is of the highest standards.

Bridal style is a unique and personalized decision.  Every setting BRIAN & NICK provides is a custom design based on your budget, carat weight, and quality of the center stone.  Each element of the ring can be customized to fit your exact requirements for design, shape, and metal color. 

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