I don’t remember the first time I was on an airplane.  I was 3 days old and my parents flew me home to Long Island from Portland, Maine.  That’s probably what started this travel obsession.  Every year my parents and I would go to Disney World as our family vacation.  Sometimes more than once a year.  Other than Florida, a cruise, and a few random travels here and there I didn’t really venture far until college.  My first trip to Europe was with one of my college roommates, Anna.  Her parents were living in Switzerland at the time and I decided to join her on one of her trips to visit.  After a few days in Basel, we drove through Switzerland, through the alps, to the Tuscany region of Italy.  We ventured from Florence to Pisa to Siena to Lake Como and all towns throughout.  It was amazing and I really got a sense of what travel was like.

I have visited over 20 countries and almost 30 states, many more than once.  I love going back to places more than one time.  Especially the ones that I truly enjoy.  When you go back somewhere the second time, you don’t feel as rushed to get everything done, you really get to relax and enjoy what you loved most when you went the first time.  Some of my favorite destinations are Key West, France, Las Vegas, Hawaii (specifically Maui) and Italy.  I could literally repeat going to these spots over and over and never get tired of them. 

I don’t come from an upper class family so most of my trips were self-funded, all of the money I make goes to basic living and travelling.  I value experiences.  I will travel with pretty much anyone who is willing to go somewhere.  From family to friends to my fiancé – any takers!  I feel that I have different trips and different experiences depending on the company.  My fiancé and I like to do things a bit more lavishly and we tend to spoil ourselves a bit while my friends and I are a bit more budget conscience but love exploring, eating and drinking.  One thing people keep telling me is to travel now before kids.  Which we are definitely doing.  However, travel is very important to me.  I hope that once we do have children that we are able to share and explore and create new experiences with them through travel. 

My loyalty airline is Delta and maintain a status of Silver/Gold Medallion, depending on the year.  However, after my trip in 2018 to Australia/New Zealand/Fiji, I hit Platinum Medallion! My fiancé, John, and I are also Platinum SPG/Marriott status, mostly from John’s business travels.  We love to utilize American Express points, hotel points and mileage as much as we can.  I am very strategic and many times we are able to fly for “free” and have about half of our hotel stays be “free”.  If I see a good deal I book it.  That is how we are able to travel multiple times a year.  Fortunately for both of us we are able to do a lot of our work remotely, so we both always bring our laptops so that we don’t completely “turn-off”.

Anyway – tomorrow I leave for Oahu, Hawaii.  Where will you be travelling to next?

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