How He Asked

how we met

May 2014, I moved into my New York City apartment with my college roommate, Anna, on St. Marks Place in the East Village. I had been working for a public accounting firm Marcum since September 2013, just 3 months after graduating Quinnipiac University with a BS in Accounting and an MBA. This was going to be great. Being single in the greatest city in the world with my best friend. I joined the Marcum Softball team to socialize with my co-workers and start making new friends. John was the coach of the softball team and at the time a manager in our department. I knew who he was but was never interested in getting to know him, not only because he was a co-worker and a superior but because honestly, he just wasn’t my type. After softball, the team would go out for some beers and food. We would play our games in Central Park and go to a local bar. It was here that I got to know John on a more casual level. We started sharing Uber’s home — however, home for John was back up in the 90’s near Central Park and I lived down in the East Village on 8th Street. This went on for a few weeks after every game. Until one night after one too many margaritas I made the first move and finally kissed. Six weeks after moving into the city John and I went on our first date. I never went on another first date again…

how he asked

July 5th, 2018 a few friends and I went to our beach in the West End of Long Beach. Nothing was out of the usual. We packed a cooler, our beach chairs, towels, umbrella and took our 3-minute walk down the block. John stayed home to work for a few hours. At 4:00 pm I got up and went to the portable bathrooms. My friend, Brianna, came into the bathroom to tell me that John just arrived at the beach. I thought nothing of this and thought it was a bit weird that she was telling me but just washed my hands and headed back out towards our spot. There was a plane flying by with a banner. On Long Beach, this is not out of the usual so I didn’t bother looking up at it. Brianna see’s that I am not noticing and says “What’s that?” so I look up and see “Nicole Roth. Will you marry me?”. I immediately look to where our group was expecting John to be there being like “Just kidding! – Imagine if I proposed that way?!” But instead, John was dressed up and heading down the boardwalk with roses. I knew it was the real deal. I am extremely difficult to surprise so John had to plan the proposal around my schedule so that nothing was out of the ordinary. He got me. Afterward we rushed home to quickly shower and change for the second surprise. We got into our limousine and headed into New York City. At a bar, Harding’s was friends and family waiting to celebrate.

*This post was featured on The Knot’s “How They Asked”

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