Building Relationships

When Nicole and I quit our full-time careers, neither of us had much experience starting a business from scratch. We were also unaware of the challenges that remained ahead especially since we weren't going to have the traditional storefront that most retail businesses have. The majority of the jewelry industry is family owned and have been in business for decades. We set out to break that tradition and change the industry to deliver quality and convenience. However, without building relationships and trust with your sources you will have a hard time succeeding.

Throughout the past year, we have made a constant effort to make new relationships with wholesalers and designers. We’ve attended trade shows, jewelry events, and trunk shows to scout some new designers who fit our values and our vision. In regards to designers, we've made a few instant relationships that also happen to be new to the industry. There is a specific trade show called Metal & Smith that really does an excellent job selecting emerging designers. It's not your typical convention center trade show, such as the JA Show in the Javit Center in New York City. The space is really modern and fresh with up to 30 new designers showcasing their brand. Majority of the designers worked in a different industry before they found a passion in the jewelry industry and specifically design. Our first few months we attended two shows and got a few fresh talent (who all happen to be female!) on board and were really excited about our plans and goals we had for one another.

I like to think of BRIAN & NICK has having three separate operations.  The bread and butter of our business, the Concierge Services, our online e-commerce shop that has both B&N Fine Jewelry and new emerging female designers, and our new pop-up events.  We started having trendy pop-up events at local businesses around Long Island.  This was a great way to promote our Concierge Services and get ourselves in front of new clients while showcasing B&N Fine Jewelry and our designers merchandise for the events. People not only loved how different and affordable our pieces are, but also the brand and the story behind the designers. Although we faced some challenges in the beginning without a storefront, we’ve started to gain a lot of traction at pop-up events and letting clients touch and feel the product before buying. These events have not only been successful for our designers, but also the local businesses we’ve hosted with. We’ve grown our business organically over the past 10 months and continue to grow our product offering without compromising on our vision.

Be sure to check out our amazing designers on our online shop!

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